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How to set up the Rebooter

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*if you connect the rebooter and don't see the light blinking please refer to: Reset the Rebooter to default settings

Open the ConnectSense Application

Go to the devices icon 

Tap the plus sign in the top right corner of the screen


You will see a list of the possible devices, in this case, the Rebooter is the one that you need to choose


Make sure that the indicator is blinking then tap next.

*if you do not see a blinking light on the rebooter please perform a factory reset 


Continue the setup by scanning the QR code on the Rebooter 


At this step your phone will be scanning the available Wi-Fi that the rebooter created and will connect to it to set it up.


Once it finds it, connect to the device.


Now that it has connected to the rebooter, it will scan for available Wi-Fi signals.


In this step, make sure you choose a 2.4GhZ signal and also the closest one to the rebooter

*in case you have a mesh network or signal repeaters, make sure either you know which is the one you are selecting or just turn off the repeaters/mesh satellites so you are choosing the correct signal*


Once you select the Wi-Fi, it will ask you for the password, make sure you type it correctly or copy it from a place that has not added any HTML tags as it will give you an error and will have to start all over.


If everything was set up properly it will give this screen and should not last longer than 45 seconds.


Once it's done it will ask you for additional setups, such as location which helps whenever you have a virtual assistant such as Alexa, Google or Siri.


This will be the main feature of the device, make sure you set it to on.


Troubleshooting Connection Issues

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