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How does the automatic Intelligent Reboot work?

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Timing Settings


Offline Detection Time default is 2 minutes, but can be adjusted to any time between 2 and 10 minutes. If your router/modem takes a little longer to boot/initialize, increasing this parameter may help.

Reboot Delay default depends on the device type selected, but can be adjusted to any time between 0 and 10 minutes. If multiple rebooters are used on a network, this parameter can be used to synchronize timing of reboots across different device types


Device Type Presets

During first setup of the rebooter, the Application will ask what device you are using the rebooter for. These options result in different Reboot Delay presets. This way you can have one rebooter connected to a modem that reboots before another rebooter connected a router. The additional reboot delay will give the modem time to get back up and running before rebooting the router.


Offline Detection Time and Reboot Delay presets can be manually configured and overridden via the Advanced Settings in the app. 


Device Type Reboot Delay Preset
Modem 0 minutes
Router 4 minutes
Combination Modem/Router 0 minutes
Other 0 minutes



Outage Detection Logic

Internet outage detection pings 5 globally accessible websites:
"", "", "", "", ""


The rebooter will ping 5 websites in order every 30 seconds.
If ALL 5 do not succeed, then we start a timer. This timer is a combination of your Offline Detection Time plus your Reboot Delay. This sum ranges between 2 and 20 minutes, depending on the values set.
During this time, the rebooter continues to attempt pinging all 5 sites every 30 seconds.
If ALL continue to fail, then when the timer expires, the router will be rebooted (off for 5 seconds then back on).
There is then a 35 second delay AFTER an accessory reboot before the rebooter will try to join the network again, so that the router has time to get back up and running.


If at any time a ping to ANY of the 5 websites succeeds, all timing is reset and no outage is registered.

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