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Reset the In-Wall Outlet to Factory Settings

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Rudy Rivera
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Before performing a Factory Reset, remove the outlet from the ConnectSense app.


The Reset Sensor will act differently, depending on the pattern of the touches it receives:

  • Reboot - Three taps + hold for 5 seconds [on 3rd tap] (Setup indicator turns solid green)
  • WiFi Reset - Three taps + hold for 10 seconds [on 3rd tap] (Setup indicator turns solid yellow)
  • Factory Reset - Three taps + hold for 15 seconds [on 3rd tap] (Setup indicator turns solid red)

Also, as an alternative, you could insert a plug into Outlet B and unplug it continuously until you notice the Status Indicator turns RED. This will perform a Factory Reset.

Note: The indicator LED must be blinking yellow in order to pair the outlet with your mobile device.

Status Indicator Colors:

mceclip1.pngBlinking Red – Connection failed, try reset

mceclip2.pngBlinking Yellow – Waiting to connect to a Wi-Fi network

mceclip3.pngBlinking Green – Connected


NOTE: Click here for instructions on How To Register your Device on our app.

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